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Improving the Safety in Gliding Championships - Alfred UltschAt the IGC/FAI General Meeting on Mar 8th/9th, 2019 in Istanbul a presentation "Improving the Safety in Gliding Championships" was held by Alfred Ultsch as contribution from FLYTOP / OSTIV Training and Safety Panel (TSP).

With consequences: In the future, the OSTIV TSP will have its own permanent seat in the IGC Safety Group and will apply the FLYTOP mehtods for flight safety to competitions worldwide. Initially, the IGC stewards and organisation teams of selected competitions will be instructed accordingly.


Safety II: a significant increase in flight safety for Melle airfield
Methods and results of the FLYTOP club course
for the FLYTOP team: Barbara Hofer, Herber Lehner and Prof Dr. Alfred Utsch

The two clubs based at the Melle airfield, SFC Melle Grönegau and Aero Club Bünde, have so far tried to do their utmost to prevent accidents while flying (flight safety). Above all, this included good training, cautious, defensive behaviour and compliance with all rules, regulations and laws. Safety science experts refer to these methods as "Safety I" or reactive, static flight safety. In addition, so-called trust pilots were introduced. They have launched a reporting system in which pilots can report incidents or other safety-threatening events. They regularly issued a security bulletin. According to Safety Science, it is unfortunately to be expected with such reporting systems in air sports: after an initial good start, very few reports are received. The trusted pilots, and in particular their spokesman Dieter Kammann, became aware that with all these measures, the Melle airfield would remain at the current risk level of gliding / powered flight in air sports. If the starting figures of the Federal Statistical Office are combined with the accident figures of the BFU, the following risk figures are obtained:
23 melle risk segelflug.jpg

Safety Improvements  for Non-Commercial,  Non-Complex Organizations operating  Non-Complex aircraft  - 2017 | Tobias Kemmerer

During the international OSTIV metting [Organisation Scientifique et Technique du Vol à Voile] of the Training & Safety Panel and Sailplane Development Panel on Oct 6th/7th, 2017 at the Wasserkuppe, two speeches about "dynamic" flight safety were held by FLYTOP:

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… and only shortly afterwards another in the Forum Flight Safety.

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2017 SchunkUltschFLYTOPSegelfliegen Teaser

Schunk,M., Ultsch,A.: FLYTOP 3.0, Segelfliegen Magazin, 3, pp  36 - 39, 2017.

2017 02 11 10h35m37

[2017-02-11, Königsdorf / DE] For the third time, Segelfluggruppe Isartal e.V. enjoyed a FLYTOP seminar. During a long, but never boring day, a total number of seven projects were carved out, compared two only to required. They do not only address flight safety, but aim also for optimising other aspects of the club life. Besides active pilots, also spouses added to this awesome result with their view upon the club.

The SUST yearly report for Switzerland, including accident statitics, is not yet available. For Germany, Thomas Jakobs has visualised the statistic—34 fatalities are too much!

Accidents 2016 - (c) Tomas Jakobs

Accidents 2016 - Tomas Jakobs | Data Source: www.aviation-safety.net

FLYTOP has proposed to EASA to significantly simplify the safety management for gliding clubs and other training organisations, operating non-complex airplanes. Generally, the current "paper tiger" shall be replaced by a sound training concept for the club management.

See details here:

Safety Management for non-commercial Approved Training Organizations (ATO) which operate non complex Aircraft

FLYTOP is a programme with flight safety courses for clubs and their management, for flight instructors and competitions. Scientifically backed and with high methodical expertise, the still too high accident rates in air sports are to be reduced. This web site provides contact data and further information about FLYTOP.

The FLYTOP seminars are generously supported by the Swiss Bundesamt für Zivilluftfahrt (BAZL) (Swiss CAA) and the Aero-Club Switzerland.

The FLYTOP-Team wishes everybody a good start into 2016 and a great and safe flying season - fly top, fly save!

Glider during aero-tow  | Photo: Tobias Kemmerer