Composition of the FLYTOP training programme

Initially, the courses FLYTOP Basic and FLYTOP Club should be completed.

Afterwards, thematic FLYTOP workshops can be attended.

Your flight safety inspector (FSI) will be happy to provide further information about the courses.

The FLYTOP-Accident course is intended for clubs and flight schools, which suffered an accident and would take this opportunity to increase flight safety in the future. This course can replace FLYTOP-Club.

One of FLYTOP's fundamental principles is training ont only the pilot, but strengthening the safety net sorrounding him. Therefore, FLYTOP first addresses the club (or flight school) and the pilots' relatives before offering pilot-specific training classes.

After completing the basic FLYTOP courses, further topics, like "flight-relevant decisions with time constraints", "cross-country flights", "human competence for flight instructors", etc. may be attended.