Glider Crash - Photo: Kantonspolizei SamedanSad but true: A rising demand for flight safety training is often only recognized after a severe accident. Only losing friends and property gives importance to the annoying flight safety subject. The depressing question: Could we have avoided it?

Technical malfunctions has nearly ceased causing accidents—it is the human being making mistakes. But in general, there is a chain of small, individually insignificant errors, which leads to the catastrophy. Typically, many people are involved, and the right communication strategy and a sound personal attitude towards errors can catch or mitigate a lot of mistakes. Our goal is to catch these small mistakes in time and spread out a safety net.

FLYTOP courses teach the club scientifically proven mehtods for accident prevention, treating the whole club as one unit. After any accident, specific content is added to easen the burden for the club and each individual. Our trainers are specifically instructed to deal with people in such circumstances.